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  • Who do the landlord / tenants call with problems? 24/7?
    Depending on the "problem" we have a few options for tenants. 1st off we want everything in writing. So we will ask tenants to use our online portal. They can get access to it 24/7. If it is an property emergency, tenants call our office - where an UDPM team member is on call - Most issues are handled between business hours.
  • Who on your team solves the most problem?
    depends on what the "problem is'' when it is sent through the tenant portal. We all work together. Most items are resolved between our operations manager or leasing specialist. We work hard to handle most items without getting the landlord involved as that is what we are hired and trusted to do.
  • Your cost compared to other firms in town.
    We are comparable but what you get from us that you won’t get from them. #1 - we a boutique service with less than 200 homes under management #2 - We have 75+ years of combined experience (we have all worked for the "other guys" or are investors ourselves) # 3 - We have been told by our owners we respond faster than the “other guys" #4 - We have the most reasonable maintenance costs (it comes from us protecting you from Over Charges we know that you shouldn't pay for) #5 BIGGEST REASON - you can call anytime. Our leasing agents don’t stop after they help you fill a tenant or onboard you. You will soon know everyone you talk to within UpDown building a last relationship for your long term investment
  • Do you do the quickbooks?
    We use a property management software called Buildium where we will be able to generate regular reports showing the performance of the investment.
  • What is turn time for placing a tenant?
    Depends on price, how it shows, how the current tenants allow for showings and location. On average we rent in less than 30 days.
  • Any upcharge for repairs? What if we have people who can fix items for less, we've certainly built a "handyman" list that we like as well?"
    We change a 10% maintenance facilitation fee. But you will never be charged over $100. What this pays for is access to our vendor list, the back and forth of communicating with tenants, vendors and yourself. If you have vendors you would like us to use. We will always contact your preferred vendor 1st.
  • How often do you come in contact with other potential investment opportunities?
    With Side by Side as our affiliated brokerage... often. We are also licensed Realtors and have access to other management clients who are looking to sell.
  • How do you handle when a neighbor complains about the tenant?
    Depends. If it involves "breaking lease terms" we will talk to the tenants and make sure it is noted. If it is something that is not lease related we talk to them, thank them and deal with on a case by case basis.
  • How early do you want to start marketing for quick turnaround under your management?
    60+ Days before lease is set to expire. UpDown would like to market the home. We will coordinate with current tenants to schedule showings and a photoshoot to market the home.
  • Are you / is your team insured?
    Yes we are licensed leasing agents and the company is insured.
  • How many properties do you manage?
    We manage under 100 units, truly a boutique service.
  • How do we cancel our relationship if it comes to that?
    30 day notice in writing by either party. You or UpDown. There is a $100 cancelation fee. That is to cover the cost of getting everything over to your new management company.
  • Who do late fees go to?
    50% to the landlord and 50% to UDPM.
  • How often do you walk the property with / without a tenant to confirm that it's being taken care of?
    You get one Random inspection a year with UDPM. We notify the tenants 24 + hours before in writing. Tenants DO NOT need to be present. You can always request more for additional cost.
  • What does your maintenance/repair process look like?
    1. Tenants put in a maintenance request through the tenant portal. 2. UDPM troubleshoots the request 3. Depending on the "repair" we will coordinate a vendor or reach out to you. If we know the repair will be less than $275, we handle it and payment is taken from landlord reserves 4. The owner is notified in writing of maintenance. 5. UDPM coordinates with tenants to schedule a maintenance 6. Maintenance person goes out and completes work 7. Maintenance person let’s UDPM know if they have any "issues" while at the property. 8. Maintenance person let’s UDPM know the "issue" has been resolved. 9. Maintenance sends an invoice to UDPM 10. UDPM pays vendors' invoices from the owner maintenance reserve. 11. The owner receives next month’s rent minus the amount for the repair to replenish the landlord's reserve account.
  • How often do you reach out to tenants and owners when rent is late.
    Every other day either by phone, text or email. We notify you when rent is late and what we find out as we reach out to them.
  • How do I handle utilities with tenants?
    Tenants pay all utilities on a single-family home. Tenants pay all utilities outside of HOA on a townhome. if you own a house where the city doesn't allow this (Columbia heights does not allow water to be in the owner's name) You the owner send us a copy of the bill, and we will put it back on the tenants to pay it. We add it to their rent ledger.
  • Who does the lawn and snow care for my single-family homes?
    Tenants majority of the time.
  • Who handles City Rental License?
    UDPM - It is part of the onboarding process & fee.
  • What is UDPM's approach to restricting access to (sheds, basements, ect)?"
    If you the landlord have an area of the home you do not want to give access to the tenants, please lock it off.
  • Advice on expectations to ensure pipes don’t freeze in winter?
    We have a section of our lease that explains that if a tenant leaves for a period of time, they need to notify management.
  • Noise/party Policies?
    We have a section in our lease that talks about being respectful to neighbors.
  • What is UDPM's Approach to Pets?
    We feel that pets are family and promote landlords to allow pets. Allowing pets increases your rental pool and oftentimes very qualified renters have a pet. If you say no pets, you remove them from renting your home.
  • What are the Expectations for hanging/drilling hardware into walls?
    We have a section in our lease that talks about what is allowed to be used to hang on the walls. We also guide tenants upon move out on what to do with walls.
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